Courses chosen

As we know, all the courses we are chosing to follow within one semester are refistered in one document: the Learning Agreement. And this document, to be perfecly honest, has caused me some headache. Because for the first time in my student life, I've had here the possibility to chose the courses I would like to attend. 

Somehow, it's a really good thing because you can sleect only the ones which look for you the most interesting and even if you want to, you can begin a kind of specialization by taking for example more financial subjects or marketing courses or whatever. So this liberty which is offered to us could look perfect and make our lives easier. 

But the thing which happened with me is that this liberty of choice just made me think and hesitate so much. Indeed I was always thinking in this way "Maybe if I take this course and not this one, I will not have this very useful knowledge.. But in the other hand, this subject seems really interesting and suitable for me". Because the problem is that there are so many subjects that of course some lecture's are in the same time so anyways you have to make a choice. 

So at the end, I managed to make my choices and selected quite genral courses, closely related to the DUT in order to have the "English version". But not only, I chose some subjects which looks totally new for me, otherwise just take the same courses than at the IUT wouldn't bring me so much. For example, I decided to go a little bit towards the International Relations field and selected a course of "Analysis of International Organisations" which is for me definitely new and really informative. I did this as well to see if I could be interested in other fields than just Marketing and Economics and to have ideas about my future, just as a perspective.

Furthermore, studying in an country so far from France offers also the possibility to attend totally original course that you will hardly find in France, especially languages. I was hesitating a lot between Estonian and Russian but I finally decided to take the Russian course because I thought about future, I think it could be quite a useful language compared to Estonian one. Moreover, it could look original on a CV and even make a small difference compared to others candidates.

My courses chosen for the first semester: 

  • Business English
  • Marketing
  • Management Accounting
  • Russian for Beginners
  • Economics

My courses chosen for the second semester:

  • Russian I
  • 20th century European History
  • Analysis of International Organizations
  • Logic
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • English for Special Purposes
  • English Grammar (web-based course)
  • Cross-cultural communication in International Business Environment

As you can see, there are much more subjects for the second semester because first I had some extra credits to take and then because as I said I really wanted to open my mind to new fields.