Dublin City Centre

Dublin City Centre

      Dublin City Centre counts a lot of places that truly worth the visit.

The most famous place is, without a doubt, Trinity College. The main reason why it is so popular is because of its architecture and long history. The ancient Library is very impressive. Given that my roommate is studying there, I had the chance to visit it for free. Trinity is in the centre of Dublin 2 and thus a meeting point for everyone.

Another famous place in the city centre would be Dublin Castle, which is on Dame Street. This gigantic castle is now used as an administrative place but some areas are still to be visited.

An important fact in Dublin is that museums are free. Thus there are no excuses not to visit at least once the Natural History museum or the Museum of Modern Art. And for the most reluctant to art, they can still visit museums such as the Whisky museum or the Jameson Distillery Museum.

It’s not possible to talk about Dublin without mentioning Temple Bar. Indeed, this street is known for its pubs and bars but by day, it’s also very interesting. Except from pubs, there are a lot of nice places to have a cup of tea and also some really nice boutiques. Temple Bar is also famous for all the modern art exhibitions. Indeed, there are a lot of artists that are exposing in different galleries.

Every year, ITB’s international desk organizes a tour of Dublin in a Hop on Hop off bus for only 5€. This is the perfect opportunity to visit the city. The advantage is that you can get off the bus whenever you want to visit a place or just to walk around. When I did it, we chose to visit Dublin’s former jail known as Kilmainham’s gaol (Gaelic). Besides of the visit, it’s a chance to know more about the most famous political and military leader that were held and killed.

It’s also worth mentioning that O’Connell Street is the most famous street in the city. In the middle, The Spire is standing. This huge innovative and striking monument is also titled The Monument of Light. Finally, all around the city, there are a lot of really nice parks such as St Stephens Green or Merrion Square.


Clara Thomas

Clara Thomas

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