Lovely day for a Guinness

Lovely day for a Guinness

      It is impossible to speak about Ireland and especially Dublin without mentioning the Guinness. Indeed, since I left Paris to go to Dublin, I believe I have been asked at least two thousand time the same question: Do you drink Guinness?

For those who don’t know it, Guinness is part of the Irish identity, and it is considered as an institution here. This is something that Irish people are very proud of.

The Guinness is one of the most powerful symbols that represent Ireland abroad. In fact, numbers speak for themselves.

  • Guinness is the biggest selling stout in the word with 10million glasses being sold everyday in 150 countries,
  • 3 million pints are brewed everyday in the Guinness Storehouse,
  • Guinness is brewed in 49 countries worldwide,
  • 1 in 2 pints sold in Dublin everyday is a pint of Guinness.

 In 1759, Arthur Guinness signed the lease for the St James’s Gate Brewery. Since then, this is the place were Guinness is brewed and this has never change.

The Guinness Storehouse is a very famous place to visit in Dublin and it is very popular. It is a huge building located in Dublin 8. The museum is really interactive and is enjoyed by adults and children equally.

The St James’s Gate Brewery is one of the most technological in the world. The visit of the museum is divided in several parts. First, it is explained how they make Guinness from 4 main elements:

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Hops
  • Yeast

Then, the second floor is dedicated to the history of Guinness and the creator. Indeed, Arthur Guinness is really famous in Dublin because he has helped developing the city financially. You are learned during the tour of Guinness Storehouse to drink properly a Guinness, to enjoy it at its fair value and of course to serve it.

Indeed, the marketing behind Guinness is absolutely precise and nothing is left to chance. The visual identity is crucial and the way Guinness is served around the world is controlled everyday and everywhere. In fact, Guinness must be served in a Guinness’s glass and in a certain way. Finally, the Guinness Storehouse is also very famous for its Gravity Bar, which is the highest bar in Dublin. It offers an amazing view of Dublin. I recommend going there for sunset.

It is know that the harp is an Irish symbol. Indeed, you will notice that, Ryanair’s logo for instance is a harp and of course Guinness’s one. The Irish Harp was at the beginning used as a representation and a symbol of Guinness and was later adopted by the Irish government. Also, there’s a very famous and modern bridge in Dublin in shape of a harp.

Finally, one key word in Ireland is without a doubt “Slàinte”. This word is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland.

Clara Thomas

Clara Thomas

One lucky girl in Dublin