Dublin night fever

Dublin night fever

      Dublin is without a doubt one of the feistiest city in Europe. The nightlife is really different from the one in Paris. Indeed, Irish people have a strong pub culture. The most important thing to know is that the rhythm is absolutely different. Indeed, Irish people start to go out at night around 6pm. Thus, bars and clubs close earlier, rarely after 3am for clubs and 1am for bars. Actually, most people are coming to pubs straight from their works. This is why most men are wearing tuxedos.

Most famous and touristic pubs are located on Temple Bar. There, you can choose to go to a pub with traditional Irish music or to go to a bar with commercial and modern music. People are partying everyday even on Sundays. The ambiance is really good, and you’ll meet people from all ages.

The Quays is one of my favourite pubs on Temple Bar. One important thing in Ireland is that all pubs have live music singers. The Quays’ singers are very good; they usually sing old songs such as the Beatles but also Celtic music. However, in almost every pub, there are very good bands. Often, they have guitar players and singers. On Temple Bar, you can hear music in front of every single pub.

As an alternative to pubs, you can also go to clubs. In Dublin, all the famous clubs are grouped together on Harcourt Street. Such as pubs, clubs are open 7days a week and open very early, sometimes around 8pm. Bouncers ask for IDs pretty much every where and in some places, it is required to be over 21.

Another area that I love to go out is around South George Street. There, there is more restaurants and nice place to have dinner or to have a drink. The ambiance is also very good and people are all around the streets. What we usually do is to go there and do the rounds of bars.  I can say that this area is less touristic and therefore more interesting. You have better chances to meet Irish people.

I will definitely miss the Irish nightlife when I’ll be back in France. I had amazing parties and spent the funniest nights of my life with great people. It is so nice to meet people from everywhere and to share our experiences. One of my wishes while I’m in Ireland is to go and try as much places as possible. I believe that it’s always nice to discover new pubs and bars. Until the end of my Erasmus, I want to try so many other places that I’ve been recommended to go to. 


My favorite clubs  My favorite pubs 
Doyle's  Porter's House
Howl at the moon  The Cassidy's
Dicey's garden  The Quays 
The Palace  The Auld Dubliner
Izacaya The Blackbird
The Pygmalion  Buskers
D-two  The Pav 
Copper Face Jack's Mac Turcaills 
Fitzsimons J-W Sweetman 


Clara Thomas

Clara Thomas

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