Molly Malone

Molly Malone

      Among other things, Ireland is a country of sports. It is known that Irish people are huge fans of rugby. Rugby has been played in Ireland since at least 1854. Indeed, the very first Irish rugby team was the one of Trinity College.

Since then, it has become a key factor of the Irish identity. I would say that here, Rugby is a religion. The famous teams in Ireland are Leinster, Munster or even Ulster.

In Dublin 4, there is the Aviva Stadium. This renewed stadium welcomes all major games. In the beginning of the year, we went with all our friends to see a game of the Guinness Cup. I was thrilled to participate to this event. I believe that it is something to live at least once while you’re in Dublin. It is really impressive to see the intensity and the enthusiasm of the supporters.

The emblem of Rugby in Ireland is a statue called Molly Malone located in Suffolk Street. Actually, this statue represents a busty young woman in a seventeenth-century dress. The main reason why she is a symbol of rugby is because there is a really famous song called Molly Malone, which is used by Leinster Rugby as their anthem. Thus, you can see dozens of supporters posing in front of the camera touching Molly Malone’s breast. The legend, says that it is good luck.

The tradition is that, friends meet in pubs to watch games. When I arrived in Dublin I had no specific bound with Rugby. Seven months later, I can call my self a fervent supporter. However, during the match of the six nations world cup between France and Ireland, I was supporting France. 

Pubs to watch games:

  • The Sinnotts
  • The Living Room
  • O’Neils
  • Lafayette
  • The Woolshed

One of the funniest things I attended so far was a Gaelic Football game. It is a team sport that is only played in Ireland and I guess that is only understandable by Irish people. The thing is, rules are so complicated that it is actually insane. Basically, it is a mix between soccer, rugby and basketball. It is definitely one thing to see in Ireland. Not even supporter were able to explain us clearly the rules. It seems like no one knows what they are doing and everyone runs everywhere. In addition to that, the game I saw was between the two Dublin teams. Therefore, they were all dressed in yellow and green which made it even more chaotic.

Except from Rugby, Ireland is famous for it’s golf courses. Indeed, for the experts and amateurs, there is no place such as Ireland to play golf. You will find wonderful landscapes and mythic courses.

Finally, greyhound racing is an organized, competitive industry in which greyhounds are raced around a track. It is an activity really appreciated in Ireland. The ambiance there is also really particular and this is something to see at least once in a lifetime.

Clara Thomas

Clara Thomas

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