Food, Climate and Clichés

Food, Climate and Clichés

      People around the world will tell you that the weather in Dublin is terrible and that you’ll meet only red-hair people. DO NOT believe them. This is a huge lie someone made up.

The truth is that it took me a few days to see the first red-hair guy in a street. Of course, you will find more red-hair people in Ireland than elsewhere but it is far from the idea everyone has. However, I have to specify that Dublin is a particular case because this is an international city. 

Another cliché says that the weather is horrible. I don’t know if I am exceptionally lucky or if it’s always like that but the weather is actually really nice. Most days are really sunny. I would say that the temperatures are slightly lower than the ones in Paris but still acceptable. About the rain, well there is not much to say. Indeed, there have been some days of continuously rain but not too much. I was expecting rain every single day so I’m happily surprised.

Food in Ireland

Irish food is tremendously different from French food culture and more similar to British food. To be completely honest I have to admit that Irish food is not really my cup of tea.

The most important thing if you’re going to Ireland is that you have to adore potatoes. Between 1845 and 1852, The Great Famine also known as the Irish Potato Famine is one of the most violent episode of the Irish history. Actually, at this time, two-fifths of the population was only eating potatoes.

In that sense, I can say that was and still is the most important ingredient. Barely everything at the restaurant or cafeteria comes with a plate of chips. For instance if you order some lasagnes, you will also get some chips. At ITB, a lot of students are ordering a plate with half a pizza/half chips. Thus, I recommend bringing to campus your own food. Overall, Irish food is really greasy and unhealthy.

Fish and Chips are really appreciated in Ireland. It consists on a battered fish such as haddock or cod and deep-fried chips. The most famous restaurant chain in Ireland for Fish and Chips is Beshoff Bros.

The other specialities are the Irish stew, the black and white pudding, the cottage pie, and of course the Irish coffee. Also, the typical Irish breakfast is actually very good. I’m trying to taste as much specialities as I can even if I really don’t appreciate all of them. Finally, biscuits and bakery specialities are different from France. My favourite ones are the Chocolate Fudge cake, the Vanilla Curd cake and the Flakemeal Crunchies.

Clara Thomas

Clara Thomas

One lucky girl in Dublin