Tallinn. Estonia. Before coming here and even during this year, I think around a thousand of people asked me: "But why Estnia ? What is there? I heard some people are going to USA or Canada and you are going to Estonia. Explain to me I have never heard about this country" On the one hand, it was a bit annoying that so many people are asking you the same question and are so amazed even though Estonia is a country from European Union and Euro Zone. But on the other hand, it is understandable. When you think about Erasmus, or studies exchange, you directly think about very distant destinations as China, Japan, USA, or even Brasil. But for me it was Estonia, country of a a bit less than 1.5 millions inhabitants not so known but still with an economy in permanent growth.

And to be perfeclty honest, if a friend of mine would have been at my place and going to Estonia in Erasmus, I probably would have had the same reaction because before coming here I didn't know anything about Estonia except maybe the flag and the name of the capital.

And during the periode before my Erasmus, I decided not to search too many informations about the city because I didn't want to spoil all the pleasure of the discovery. Just essential informations like what to do administratively when you arrive, the districts to avoid and some transportation iformations but nothing more.


And the least we could say is that I haven't been disappointed. This city, which, in my opinion, doesn't look like a capital, is really full of charm thanks especially to its Old Tow, an entire medieval district in which you can walk for hours and hours without never getting bored at all. It's totally different from every city I've visited so far in my life. But I think the best to describe a city like that is not the text but some pictures, that I will display you right away.  

Ps: The pictures are not from me but for Gen, an Estonian student of TTU who is making wonderful pictures of Estonia and Tallinn and who has gave me his agreement for using his pictures.

For the first row of pictures, you can see two pictures from the two "parts of Tallinn": the modern one on the left (with the old town in the background) and the main square of the old town on the second picture (Raekoja plats in Estonian)



This second set is showing the two opposite landscapes that you can find here. The capital and main city aspect confronted with the traditional medieval town 



This last picture displays Freedom Square or in Estonian Vabaduse Valjak which is the main square of the modern part of the city and just 5 min by walk from my Hostel. All these pictures are just a very small sample of what Estonia and Tallinn can offer you so if you want to see more the only advice I can give you is to come explore this lovely city.