Russian language

Hello,Bonjour, здравствуйте 

As I said you in a previous article, languages are a really important part of my experience. This is one the reason who made me leave France one year and one the issue I'm dealing with everyday. 

And as I said also in my article about my courses chosen, this experience in an Eastern country enables me to try new languages that are not so popular in France, as Russian. 

So from my first semester, I decided to try Russian language to see if I was capable to learn and assimilate a very new language with even new alphabet. And this was really the hard part. It took me around two months just to get used to read these totally new letters never seen before as д з ф ы п. So a lot of new sounds but these new letters were not the hardest. The hardest were actually letters that we already know but which has a different sound in Russian like for example в which is "V" or р which is "R" (this one is definitely the hardest). But when you pass this step, it's such a pleasure to figure out that you are able to speak this language and even write it.

So after this first semester, in which I took a really basic course with just greetings and so on, I decided to go on right now for my second semester with a bigger course at a rate of 4 hours a week. And I don't regret because now we begin to see the verbs, the way of expressing the time, the date or some declensions of nouns. 

Univeristy is not the only place I'm practising my Russian. Indeed I met a lot of Russian people here, and I have to admit that I generally like their direct personality and the fact that they are quite emotional compared to Estonian  people who are more impassive. As I'm an emotional person (as a lot of French people I guess) I directly had a good contact with Russian people and I today have a lot of close friends from Russia. So as they have seen that I have directly been interested in their language, they make me practice as much as possible. And it very useful ! I even think that I practise more with my friends than in class. 


So thanks to this experience, I'm now truly sure that I will take some Russian courses in France, even if I have to pay a private institute (because I doubt that a lot of French universities are proposing Russian classes). But I really want this language to become one of my active language. To give an idea, I would like to reach the same level in Russian than my current level in Spanish. 

до свидания !! (Bye)