First Semester's rythm of life

This article will deal with my rythm of life during my Erasmus year. But I decided to split it in two articles for two reasons:

- First, because otherwise it would be a too long article 

-Then because there is a real difference and even contrast between my rythm of life during the first and the second semester so to explain it in two different articles will emphasize this contrast


My first semester

Arriving in Estonia, I didn't know anybody except a French girl who is a friend's friend so that I has never met her before (and since that I've met her only once). So I didn't count on anybody, I just came alone in a foreign country to have a new experience. And have new experience goes through knowing a lot of new people from each possible background. As everybody I had heard a lot of stereotypes about Erasmus life, that studying is not that important because you have so many parties, trips and events so that you don't even have time to study but anyway you don't need because since the teacher knows that you're an Erasmus student, they are very indulgent with you. 

Well, today I would say that not everything is true in this sentence, but not everything is false either. Indeed, you will see through my explanation of the first semester that the studies were not really the center of all my attention.

My timetable

First very important factor of my rythm of life was my University schedule. As you saw in the article about my courses chosen, I had not so many subjects from September to January. Moreover I was lucky with this classes because everything was concentrated in couple of days and at the end I had this timetable

-Monday: Even weeks: 8- 9:30 // Odd weeks: FREE

-Tuesday: 10-13:30 | 14- 17:30

-Wednesday: 10- 13:30 | 14- 15:30

-Thursday: 12- 13:50

-Friday: FREE


So as you can see, one week out of two, I had weekend from Thursday at 2 until Tuesday at 10. And I have to say that after two years at the IUT, it is very unusual because there we had class everyday in average from 9 to 17.

At the beginning when I saw that, I was really excited about all this free time that I will have and I was already building up a lot of projects, trips especially that I will be able to do thanks to that. 


Another factor which has influenced my rythm of life for the beginning of this first semester was the ESN. As I told you in a previous article, they are really active and especially at the beginning of the semesters to make people know each other, you have at least two parties per week, and if you add the parties what are organized independently of ESN, I just realized that sometimes I was going out 5 times a week, which is definitely something that I had never done before in France. The point to party in Estonia is also that it's really cheap so then you just wonder "Why to stop if it doesn't affect so much my budget and I have free time enough to do it?"

So to be perfectly clear and honest, I spent a lot of time partying during my first semester, and in my hostel we even have our rituals for the week, I mean that we are going to one specific place on Mondays, then another one on Wednesdays and then of course we also hang out the Fridays and Saturdays around the bars or clubs in Tallinn.

But when you party a lot, very logically you sleep quite late, and then you have to "pay" that and sometimes (it happened quite often at the beginning of the semester" you overlseep and miss your class. I was really hating this feeling to miss classes but as I was not stopping to go to parties, it has been repeated several times within all the semester.


But party was not my only way of spending free time. I also have been able during the whole semester to do much more sport, my passion, than in France. So that is a really good point because even though I was not so serious about my night life, at least I was compensating with a healthy sport life. Let's see what has changed in my second semester. 


PS: even partying, I have been really good results, in my opinion, concerning my subjects of the first semester. So impossible is nothing.