Second Semester's turnaround

So as I was saying, what a first semester ! Definitely first experience for me to be such a "party-person", I mean in France I leave in a city in which at 11 in the evening everybody is sleeping and if you want real parties you need to take the train for about half an hour. And here you walk just 7 minutes and you're in the heart of the old town with all its bars and clubs ... So I enjoyed a lot this life but at the beginning of the 2nd semester, I took the sharp decision to change my rythm of life.

Why ? For several reasons:

-1st one: money. Indeed as I said, to party is much cheaper than in Paris but still, a little amount of money added to another little amount of money, at the end you have a quite big sum of money. So I decided to be quite more responsible about that since it's not only my money so let's use it smartly.

-2nd one: At the end of the first, I began to have a feeling that I hate most of all: being useless. Indeed, every weekends, to wake up at 5 in the afternoon and doing nothing until the next party made me feel like a useless person, a non-productive one.

-3rd one: I wanted to take something else from my Erasmus experience. I knew and understood perfectly the festal part of it, but I wanted to learn more, to improve my English and Russian skills more intensively and to get more and more knowledge every day.

-4th one: As I met a lot of people who were staying the whole year or even people who are here already for longer, at the beginning of the second semester I didn't feel this absolute need of meeting a lot of new people because I already had everybody I needed in every level. Of course it doesn't mean that I don't want to socialize anymore but unconsciously you just don't feel the need to go out so much. 

So all these reasons just make me change quite dramatically and now I will explain you my rythm if life within this second semester 

-Job: I already thought about that during the first semester but I was probably too lazy to implement my idea, but now it is done. I just found a student job here in Estonia, as a sport analyst, meaning that I am recording sport statistics for a sport bet website ( Working for me is perfect because it satisifies some of my needs like to have more money or to have a bit less of free time to feel as a useful person. And now I am really proud to work for an Estonian company and to have found this job on my own (even though I've been helped by very good local friends of mine).

-Parties: When I said that I changed, it is true. But of course, it doesn't mean that I stop to party. At all. Because I still enjoy it so much. I love to spend night time in clubs or bars with my friends. It's a really good sensation. But I would say that it's even better in this second semester because I do it a bit more rarely and I party after a productive day, as a reward like if I was deserving it. Of course I could keep the rythm of the first semester, but I feel much better right now, there is more peace in my mind. 


-Sport: I decided, to have an even better ryhtm of life, to intensify my practice of sport. Because this is actually what I need to feel really good. At least sport 4 times a week. It helps my body and my mind to feel good.


-Study more: I decided also to be much more involved in my courses at the university and it is a real pleasure to be interested in your class, it makes it much more exciting and then you really feel that you acquire new useful knowledge. As you probably saw in my article about the courses chosen, I also took much more courses this semester, I didn't count depending on the free time I will have, and even with all these subjects, I still have a lot of leisure time !!


So now I could tell you what is a perfect day for me.

10-13:30: University

14-15:30: Gym

16-19: Work 

23-4: Party


To conclude these two articles that I really enjoyed to write, I can say that I grew up  during this experience, I realized how to have a wholesome life while still having a lot of fun thanks to my experience and to the people I met here.