My two main trips

Being in such a city for one year, I HAD to travel a lot. As I explained before, Tallinn is a real intersection of Nothern Europe with a lot of countries and cities quite close (Finalnd, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland). So with all these cities, which are quite far from Paris, so close to me I really wanted to discover as much as possible. 

And of course, as you are almost never alone in Erasmus, ESN thought about that. During the first days, the "Orientation days", in one conference, they introduced us all the trips that they will propose to us within the whole first semester. And I have to admit that they know how to make people dream, somehow they are really good in advertising their projects, because after this conference, the only thing I wanted was to collect the money as fast as possible to be registered in these trips. The first trip, the main one I would say, is a trip to Lapland (dream !) and the second one is called the Sea Battle ( I will tell you more details below)


1) Sea Battle

I will follow the chronogical order and start by what is called the Sea Battle. This trip is not only a trip. I mean that it is more like a mix between a huge party and a trip. What is the concept ? Let's take three days randomly: Friday-Saturday-Sunday. It goes like that. You're leaving Tallinn the Friday afternoon, spend the whole night on a ship which is going to Stockholm, spend the Saturday in Stockholm, then go back to the boat on Saturday evening and spend the night for the trip back to Tallinn. So said like that, there is nothing special you would say. But the main point of this trip is that a lot of Nordic countries are gathered there. The boat is actually ,not a normal boat. It is booked for ESN Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. All in all, at the beginning of the second night (Saturday) are gathered 2,200 students on one boat for 10 hours. 

It goes like that: the Friday, ESN Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are going on the boat to make the way to Stockholm (around 700 students), then the Saturday everybody is gathered and the Sunday night Baltic countries are leaving the ship while Finland, Sweden and Denmark still have their second night on the boat. 


So as you can imagine, it's a pretty intensive trip, you don't sleep a lot and you meet a lot of new people in a very small period of time. The boat is very comfortable and has supermarkets, bars and clubs available. It was a really crazy experience for me. And moreover, I don't forget the Stockholm visit whoch was really wonderful as well even though I was a bit tired. So really good trip overall.

2) Lapland

This trip ... I will try to sum up quite quicly, otherwise I think I could write few pages just about this trip in Lapland. As you may know, Lapland is a region which touched 4 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and a small part of Russia. It is very well known to be the "Santa Claus country" and this is why it is a region about which a lot of people are dreaming to go to. So the first time ESN introduced this trip, I didn't hesitate one second and I was already sure that I will go there. To be in a Nothern country as Estonia offers me the opportunity to go there easily because it's closer and cheaper than from France. 

The trip which was proposed to us was four days. Let's do the same as for Sea Battle. Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday. You were leaving the Thursday afternoon, take the boat to Helsinki and then from Helsinki, spend the whole night in the bus crossing Finland to Lapland. Then two nights in an accomodation in the city of Kuusamo and then the last night, as you probably understood, in the bus from Kuusamo to Helsinki (10,5h of bus one way). I have to admit that the travels were really hard because more than 10 hours in the bus you get a little bit crazy but I can definitely say that it was worth it totally ! 

What did we do? We went to the Santa Claus village, to husky farm (with husky ride), to reindeer farm, a lot of sledging in huge areas of Lapland, sauna followed by frozen lake.

It was a unique trip in my life I believe. I've never seen such landscaoes, so full of snow and quiet. And to share that with my friends was simply amazing. It is so far the best moments I had during this year.

Here you can see some pictures of these two trips 



The first two pictures are from the ship while the third one is the very beautiful city of Stockholm




These pictures are from Lapland ... No comments I believe (these are real pictures not picked from Internet of what I saw ...)

10872921_876729019012852_384002267951245247_o.jpg IMG-20141208-WA0006.jpg   IMG-20141208-WA0009.jpg