Global look back on my Erasmus

So now it's time for me to make a kind of assessment of my experience. What am I currently taking from it and how it has definitely changed me once and forever ? I will explain you that right away. 


  • Greater independence

Of course one of the main aspect is to live alone for one year. As I had never left my parents house before, it was really new for me. Too cook alone, to manage administrative procedures, to do some cleaning, to manage with the washing machine, shopping etc. I will not show the whole list. But you understood. This experience just made me an independent person, and now my vision has totally changed to the extend that I cannot imagine myself living with my parents anymore. So back to France, I will try to work aside my studies to be able to afford a (small) accomodation around Paris because when you've been independent for a year, it's really tempting to keep being after this year. 

  • English skills

My IUT's English teacher Mr. Brown could say this now for sure: I had a lot of work to do about that. Indeed I'm not ashamed to say that I was pretty bad in English within my two years in the IUT, but I had one quality before leaving France: I was really motivated to improve it. For two reasons. First, because I like this language very much, and then because everybody is aware that English is compulsory today in International Business fields or even for tourism. So today, after 7 months, I can say that my English has improved a lot in comprehension as well as in expression and I'm really glad about this. Of course, it's not perfect because I feel sometimes a real lack of vocabulary or hesitation in term of grammar, but at least I can be understood and understand much more than before this experience.

  • Open mindedness

Living for one year with people of different backgrounds/cultures than you makes you automatically open minded. Unless you really don't want to socialize and just live with your habits. But then the experience is not that enriching anymore. Within the year, you learn how to understand people, to speak with them about a lot of diverse topics, their culture and so on.. So at the end, you have a much more global vision of your European neighbours and you're just not closed to your own culture anymore. 

  • Discover a lovely country/city

I can already say today that when I will leave Estonia (probably within June) it will not be a farewell. Indeed I am sure 100% I will come back in Estonia, and especially in Tallinn. This surprising country is at the end so welcoming and so charming and since I've lived here probably the most amazing experience of my life, this place will be in my mind for my whole life, and I want to share it with my family/friends in France. So for sure I will come back to this magic place. 

  • Get new knowledge

I don't forget the University. Because still I am not a tourist here. I am a student. Then I study. And I can say that these two semesters have been enriching for me, especially as I said with the courses in English. I've been taught by some very interesting teachers with a lot of experience and who are talking about stuff that they have lived so it makes it even more interesting. Even though so far, my future is not totally decided, I can easily say that this Academic year brought me a lot. 


  • In one sentence, this experience made me grow up and is making me grow up every single day spent here.

On these sentences I will now close my blog. It was a real pleasure for me to write it, because for every article, I was remembering some moments spent here. I hope that for you it was a pleasure to read it as well, that I gave you the wish to discover Estonia and Tallinn or simply jus  t encouraged you to try Erasmus experience, which is just once in our life, but UNIQUE.

Thank you very much/ Aitäh (Estonian "thank you")/ спасибо (Russian)


To end up, here you can see two pictures of Tallinn: The first one is the Christmas Market of December (one of the best place ever) and the second one the entrance of the Old Town. Welcome to Tallinn

IMG_5009951451401.jpeg IMG_4999108159164.jpeg