Where to relax in Bonn?



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Rheinaue is a big park in Bonn, there are lots of huge grass areas and lakes as you can see on the pictures. It is really nice to come here during the sunny days, you can just have a ride with your bike or jog if you are sporty. But if you want to relax you can just lay on the grass and sunbathe, have a drink at a nice outside bar, do pedalo and even make barbecues! As germans always think about everything they also thought about installing barbecue grills all around the park. We already tried it and had a barbecue when we arrived in september but the wood was quite wet so it tooked us a long time to start the fire, however we succeeded at the end! I'm sure that we will spend a lot of time there in spring and in summer. Events are sometimes organised in this park like the flowmarkt which is a market where you can buy house decoration, bikes, books... etc. And make good deals. It's like a "brocante" in France, but as you are in Germany, there are also lots of food stalls.




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The hofgarten is the park just in front of the Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms university which is the yellow and grey building on the picture. This place is in the center of Bonn and it's usually the place where you go most of the time when there is a ray of sunshine. To be honest the sun is very rare in winter, so when it comes, germans and we too, don't hesitate to go out. At this time you can be sure to find the hofgarten crowded by students and non-students. We also bought a frisbee and we hope to have soon the oppotunity to play it there.

Am Rhein


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If you are tired of going to the park you can also go at the Rhein, it's the big river that cuts Bonn into two parts and that continues it's way to Cologne. It's also a nice place to ride your bike and jog at every time of the year. The level of the water is variable, sometimes, like on the picture, you can walk on these stonebanks while other times the level of the water is higher so you can't see them anymore. But don't try to swim in the Rhein, the current is very strong and there are unfortunaltely some stories of people who died trying to swin in it.


Bonn is a green city that offers many possibilities to enjoy the natur and relax in a wonderful environment.