An adequate location to travel!

A good thing for us, as students living in Bonn, is that it is easy to visit other cities, even countries around! Indeed Germany has a good location in Europe as it is bordered by many countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and France.

For the purpose of our international management class, we had an excursion in Liege-Maastricht-Aachen: so three countries in one day!! This how easy it is to travel when you depart from Bonn!

Therefore we made the most of our time in Germany and travel a bit. We liked Maastricht when we went there for the excursion so we decided to go back in order to discover it more deeply.
We also organized a weekend in Amsterdam, it took us only 4h by bus to get there! In February we made a small trip in Germany: we went t  o Hamburg and Berlin. Surprise when we book the trip: we found bus tickets from Cologne to Hamburg for 4€ and… a flight ticket from Berlin to Cologne for 1,02€. Yes you read it right a flight for 1€ with Ryanair (I have to admit, I was quite scared at the beginning)!

Indeed there is now a large offer to travel with a low budget (perfect for students!). Thus you can find cheap bus ticket: we mostly took Megabus or Flixbus. It normally takes more time by bus but it is often the cheapest way so it is worth it! Although you can also find cheap/not too expansive flight ticket on Ryanair or Germanwings; it is not always the case but sometimes you can find good deals. Therefore you can always take a look on the flights too, you can be surprised!
And for the accommodation I recommend you to take a youth hostel, it is often the cheapest and now they have good standards too, in my opinion it is a good solution! Still, if you are more than 4 I would say, you could search for an apartment via Airbnb, it could be worth it too as you can cook there so it is less money spent in food.

Here are some pictures just of these cities to get you going:

AmsterdamAmsterdam 2HamburgBerlin

Berlin 2Berlin 3