Easter Rising 1916 – 2016

Easter Rising 1916 – 2016

As we are in 2016 and it is the 100th anniversary of Easter Rising, I have decided to dedicate an article about it. I strongly suggest you to watch the movie “Michael Collins” (Neil Jordan, 1995) with Liam Nelson. In this article, I will describe the plot.

First, the Easter Rising took place in April 1916 in Dublin. It has been one of the most important “pivotal” events in Irish history. In fact, at the end of the Easter Uprising, 15 men, who were identified as leaders were executed at Kilmainham Jail. After this disastrous defeat of Iris rebels by UK forces and the executions of those 15 men, Michael Colllins decided to take actions. He developed new strategies for the independence of Ireland. His new strategies were “guerilla” tactics and organized assassinations of Irish men working as informers for the UK government and members of British intelligence.

It is from 1919 to 1921 that the Irish War of Independence took place. It was between the Irish Republican Army (IRA, the army of the Irish Republic) and the British security forces in Ireland. Finally, by 1921, the British decided to accept negotiating. Michael Collins was sent to London to negotiate a settlement. However, when Collins returned with a compromise of a partitioned Ireland and an Irish Free State (and not a Republic) within the British Empire, he was vilified by Eamon De Valera (The chief of the provisional government).

Then Michael Collins is now faced with civil war as he struggled against those who insist on complete and unconditional independence for all of Ireland. From June 1922 to May 1923, the civil war happened between Pro-Treaty and Anti-Treaty…

To conclude, I will not carry on explaining the plot, otherwise, there will not be any surprise. However, I thought it was important to talk about it since it is the 100th anniversary.