How to enjoy Dublin when it is raining ?

How to enjoy Dublin when it is raining ?

As Ireland is not the sunniest country in the world, I wanted to dedicate one article about three museums I went.

 First, the Irish Museum of Modern Art. This museum is about contemporary art created by still breathing artists which is displayed through a variety of often-changing exhibitions. What I did not know about that museum is that the building was inspired by Les Invalides in Paris. What is more, after Irish Independence, the building was considered as a potential home for the new Irish parliament. I appreciated that museum but sometimes to be honest, things were too weird and I did not find any sense. However it does not mean that I do not respect the artists’ talent but sometimes I did not get the point.

 Second, the Irish Rock’N’Roll Museum is a great museum for music lovers. I went there because as I explained in another article, I am a musician and I associate Ireland to music; this is the reason why I was really curious about that museum. It is located in the heart of Dublin. Many artists have rehearsed, recorded and rocked out in this museum over the years. One of my favorite band was in. Actually, Snow Patrol, a Northern Irish rock band rehearsed there. I loved it because I got the privilege to access to the behind-the-scenes lives of some of the world’s most famous rock artists such as Thin Lizzy. In fact, I could walk in the footsteps of some rock stars who have prepared for gigs. Furthermore, it only costs 14€ when you are a student.

 Third, the Chocolate Warehouse is a place where you are involved in Chocolate Workshops. As every museum, it starts with an introduction which is the story of chocolate. It explains the journey of the cocoa bean and the whole process the bean goes through to get the chocolate we know today and we eat. I went there because I wanted to compare it with the “Museu de la Xocolata” from Barcelona. In fact, one year ago, during the Long Night of Museums, the cultural event in which museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night, I went there. Finally, I preferred the Chocolate Warehouse of Dublin because we made our own box of chocolates and proceeded to decorate bars of chocolate ready to pack to bring home.