Nice places to go out in Bonn

Nice places to go out in Bonn

Here are some suggestions of places you can visit if you want to have a nice dinner at the restaurant, a drink between friends or go to dance in club.



  • Bönnsch: A new and popular restaurant in Bonn. The cooking is german and it has every traditional dish you can expect from german food like currywurst, sauerbraten, apfelstrudel and so on. The speciality of the restaurant is the beer, indeed, the restaurant has it's own brewery and sells it's bier in the restaurant only. The place is usually full on weekends as well as during the week days so should better book ahead.


  • Tuscolo: This is also a very popular restaurant in Bonn and it's always full! here you can have a very good italien dinner. The restaurant is famous for it's the giant pizzas, it's a real challenge to finish eating them. Besides this, you can also order nice pastas or salads.


  • Sausalitos: This place is a cool mexican restaurant mostly visited by young people. This restaurant looks more like a bar mixed with a restaurant because the music is loud and there is a Dj! Concerning the food you can find there all typical mexican dishes namely burritos, fajitas, enchiladas... etc.



  • James joyce's: A nice irish pub located in the city center. This place is warm and cosy, the decoration makes you feel like you are home with it's big leather sofas and family pictures. You can find a wide range of german as well as irish beers, perfect for beer lovers. Besides drinking, the bar makes some snacks like fries, potatos, chicken wings, but also good burgers. The nice thing there is that you can also play pool, a pool table stands in the middle of the bar and it's free to play.


  • Tacos: Also a mexican restaurant, this place is transformed into a bar in the late evening. People come there to drink their delicious and giant cocktails for only 6 euros. This place is very popular amoung young people.



You will not find many clubs in Bonn, they are usually quite small and people go more often in bars. However, here is one club we went to and it was nice.

  • Das sofa: The club is located just in front of the bus station at the Hauptbanhof, it's small but the atmosphere is good and there are often erasmus partys organised there, moreover the location is perfect because you can take the night bus right after going out of the club.