A typical day in Leipzig

  A typical day in Leipzig is different from another day I had as a student in Paris Descartes on a number of points.

First of all, the number of courses is one day is really not the same. In average, I have two courses per day and it never begins before 9:30 a.m.

There is a canteen in the HTWK University, called “Mensa” and we frequently eat here for the lunch. Dishes which are prepared there are always different, I don't remember having eaten twice the same thing in the semester, and it is really cheap (from 1€ if you just want to eat vegetables for example)

When we are in the period of exams, we spent the whole day in the library just behind the University. But when we do not have exams, we frequently meet us after the school either to play sport or to go for a beer in the city center.

bu.PNG  Our second home before exams 

During the period before Christmas, there is a huge Christmas market in the city center where we can meet us to eat typical German food and do some Christmas shopping.