Are German people really cold?

Are German people really cold?

German people are very nice and don’t hesitate to help the other people. However, it is true that there is almost always a kind of distance in the relations with German people. I find them a little bit cold at first sight, but really nice when you get to know them. For example, I don’t remember to have seen people in bursts of laughter; it is as they were refraining themselves.

They are really polite, but the relations remain cordial.

Most of the time, when they did not know somebody, they greet him shaking one hand, and they cuddle when the person is a friend. By the way, I have known some embarrassing moments, turning one cheek to kiss people while they were tending one hand…

In comparison with France, I feel that there is a higher distance between men and women in the everyday life. The friendship man-woman is less blatant than in France, and the dredger is less present (and less direct, less intrusive…)