A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 2

Chapter Two: Discovery of Vilnius University



Vilnius University Logo


After several days our young Ambre was able to manage herself in the city. She was now ready to discover Vilnius University!

Her first steps into the Lithuanian school world were surprisingly pleasant. Every year in September Vilnius University organizes a huge procession in order to show the prosperity of the university. It’s a great way to reunited all the student of the different faculties and bring everybody together. This procession is followed by a welcoming ceremony where the University dean make a speech to motivate all the student. The ceremony is in Lithuanian but at the end a little part is in English, a sweet attention for Erasmus student.


Erasmus student at the procession


Ambre and her friends painfully discovered Erasmus educative functioning. The educative system for Erasmus is very conventional. A lot of paperwork, signatures, procedures, must be done. But after all it was not insurmountable especially compared to French administration procedures!

Vilnius University is the oldest and largest Lithuanian higher education institution. Vilnius University is a classical university establishment in the 16th century with over 430 years of academic traditions and the widest range of study programmes in Lithuania. The university is among 3 percent top universities in the world according to the QS World University Ranking.


  Old Town Vilnius University 


Ambre was studying in the Communication Faculty in the new Campus of Sauletekio. In the lectures there was often only Erasmus student and a few Lithuanian student. English is nobody’s mother tongue but the communication was quite easy. Student and teacher interact in class, lectures are dynamics. Every student help each other when there is a language related issue.

The university functioning is similar to the French system. Student must attempt to seminar and lectures, they have work to give back, presentation to do and exams to pass. When the exam period arrives everybody is meeting in the Mokslinės komunikacijos ir informacijos centras, the new modern library opened in 2013 ans start to study hard.

Even in Erasmus there is a lot of work to do…in theory!



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