A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 3

Chapter 3: Lithuania, a rich Culture


The language

In the first weeks of September, Vilnius University offered free classes of Survival Lithuanian for Erasmus student. Ambre and her friends took the lectures in order to familiarize themselves with Lithuanian language. After two weeks they learned the essential vocabulary, like “labas” (hello), “ačiū” (than you), “alus” (beer) and some sentences “mano vardas yra” (my name is), “Aš Vilniaus Universitetas studentas” (I’m a student of Vilnius University),… This knowledge was sufficient to live in the country, because the majority of Lithuanian speak English.



The sport

Basketball, “The second religion of Lithuania”, attracts the largest crowds to arenas and TV screens. Every single Lithuanian support the national Basketball team!

With a few exceptions Lithuania managed to qualify to all of the basketball championships in the past 20 years. So the national is rarely left without a game to see.

From autumn to spring the season of basketball clubs takes place. The two main teams are “Viniaus Lietuvos rytas” from Vilnius and “Kauno Žalgiris” from Kaunas. These teams, represent the two largest cities of Lithuania. They are major rivals and they both play in multiple leagues: Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), Baltic Basketball League (BBL).

Ambre and her friends went to Kaunas to see Kauno Žalgiris play againt Real Madrid. The game is like a show. Lithuanians come with their family to enjoy a unique spectacle. This was a real experience!

Basketball game Kaunas vs Real Madrid



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