A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 6

Chapter Six: Many travels


If our protagonist choose to do her Erasmus adventure in Lithuania is because that country offers a lot of travelling opportunities. Lithuania is the neighbor of numerous European countries. That’s why during her free time, Ambre and her friends took their backpacks, their hats and their passports and they went to explore Europe.


Places visited

(List of the countries that Ambre visited)


Thanks to this Erasmus Ambre and her comrades were able to visit 9 countries that are out of reach in a normal daily basis. Plane ticket from Lithuania are very cheap, it’s a huge opportunity to travel the world. For example she was able to go to Oslo for 8euros, to Warsaw for 5 euros! She had the chance to also discover Budapest, Krakow, Tallin, Prague, Vienna and more!


Stockholms with my friends

During her expeditions abroad Ambre learned how to be more organized, independent, brave and daring. She understood that travels are a way to forge a person. She had to overcome obstacle like spending the night in Kaunas airport, walking in Riga during a snow storm by -26°C, running in Stockholm with a suitcase to catch the ferry! But she realized that these difficulties make good travelling stories!



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