A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 7

Chapter Seven: Amazing friendships


According to the Oxford dictionary, a friend is a “person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of family relations”. After this year of Erasmus Ambre can affirmed that this definition is wrong. Erasmus friends are way more than just people you care about, they are your family!


Erasmus friends

Because everyone is fare away from his landmarks, his family and friends, the other Erasmus people became this new family sphere. They are always by your side in the good and bad moments. You can count on them and this even after Erasmus period.

Friends in Sauletekio 39

During her Erasmus Ambre became friends with people from all over Europe and even over the world because Vilnius University accept also exchange students. Japan, USA, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the number of nationalities was incredible.  


Trip in Tallin 

Coexisting with so many different cultures during one year was extremely interesting. Everyone had something to learn from others. And now Ambre has friends all over Europe that she will for sure visit as soon as possible!



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