A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 9

Chapter Nine: Winter is coming


White and cold, quiet and peaceful, Lithuanian winter is something wonderful. With the snow, the city become a fairytale landscape. Everything was calm, it was like the world was in pause mode.


Gediminas Tower under the snow


In January when the temperatures dropped to -26°C it was almost impossible for Ambre and her friends to go out of the dormitory.  Even with a ski coat and Timberland shoes the negative temperatures were too hard to handle for her and her companions.


Christmas in Vilnius


They managed to brave the cold in order to enjoy Vilnius under the snow, it was a magical show! Despite of this beautiful view, Ambre was excited to feel the sun on her skin again. She was waiting for spring, but she was also afraid of this period because it announced the end of her Erasmus adventure…



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