A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 4

Chapter Four: Lithuanian cuisine


The food

Over the centuries Lithuanians have created unique dishes, influenced by the culture of various nationalities. A majority of Lithuanian dishes are made with potatoes. The most popular of these is cepelinai (‘Zeppelins’), large boiled potato dumplings with fillings of meat or cottage cheese. Other traditional potato dishes are various types of kugelis (potato loaf) and potato salad, potato pancakes and small potato dumplings with mushroom or berry filling. Lithuanians eat potatoes dishes salty or sweet.

Another important place in Lithuanian cuisine is occupied by small dumplings (called koldūnai or virtiniai) made from dough and with a filling of meat, mushrooms, berries or cottage cheese. Also popular are various types of pancakes made from flour. They also produced different kinds of cottage cheese or fermented cheeses, and hot-smoked or cold-smoked hams and sausages.


Lithuanian traditional food


Soup is very popular in Lithuania. There is vegetable soup, meat soup, soup with chicken or even beer soup! One of the most interesting Lithuanian soups is šaltibarščiai (cold beetroot soup), which is made from beets/beetroot, kefir (a fermented milk product), greens and boiled eggs. This dish is the most popular of all because it’s served on summer days!

Each Lithuanian region has its own culinary specialties, which is why it is sometimes said that Lithuania has not just one national cuisine, but several. But anyway, for a foreigner the food can seem oily, not very tasty and very fatty. Ambre was brave enough to try everything but she spent the majority of her Erasmus in Mac Donald’s!



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