A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 10

Chapter Ten: Do you want to come to Lithuania?


Lithuania is a country which should be more recognized. Even if it’s a small country, it has a lot to offer.


Majority of people are still narrow-minded, but the young generation is ready to be open-minded. Old people still have the impact of Soviet occupation on their minds (they all speak Russian for example), which make them cold and distant. Young people are more open to discussion (in an approximate English sometimes) and they are willing to make their country change.

Kaunas landscape

In terms of economy, the country arrived in the Euro zone in January 2015. Prices of services (restaurant, car rental, transport) are way cheaper than in France. Concerning the food, the clothes the prices are almost the same.


The geographical position of Lithuania is its best asset. Lithuania is in the heart of the Europe. From there it’s possible to visit all Europe for a very reasonable price.


The quality of life is very nice. Walking in the main street of Vilnius is like walking in a movie décor. The architecture is marvelous, the Old Town is breathtaking.

It’s a country that worst visiting!



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