A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 12

Chapter Twelve: Such goods memories


One of Ambre’s favorite memories was her trips. Trips are the best part of Erasmus. Student are discovering the world and enjoying time together.

Ambre’s favorite trip was in Copenhagen. The city is beautiful and most important Danish people are the nicest people in the world. They speak English perfectly and are always happy to help you if you are lost in the city.


Copenhagen 1


Thanks to the Free Tour she did with her friends Ambre learned a lot about the History of the city. But what she memorized the most was the part on education system. In Denmark student are paid to go to school. They receive all the help they need (computers, books,…) and at the end of their studies they almost automatically find a job.


Copenhagen 2


In other words, Copenhagen is the perfect city! Maybe for an other Erasmus…



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