A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 13

Chapter Thirteen: Advices?


First of all, be prepared to fill a lot of papers. Organization is your best friend! Administration paperwork are very important. Erasmus is a serious program that’s why a lot of different papers are needed.


The other important point is to know how to manage the money. At the beginning in Lithuania everything seems cheap and everybody fall into the trap and spend a huge amount of money in the first weeks.


Be responsible when you are going out. Try to have “Responsible Parties”. For sure during your Erasmus you will be tempted to try to overstep your limits. Don’t! Erasmus is still perfect even if you don’t go home completely wasted!

Responsible Party


Book your travel early. The prices in Lithuania are very attractive but if you book your trip before you can travel for a ridiculous amount of money (Vilnius-Warsaw 5euros).


In other words, in Erasmus you have to manage yourself. Mum and Dad are far away and you can only count on yourself to be the adult!



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