A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 14

Chapter Fourteen: Am I ready to go to Lithuania?


When Ambre arrived in Lithuania, she didn’t know if she was ready to live by her own for one year. 2 039,5km were separating her from the rest of her comfort zone, and it was too late to go back.

The first weeks were really hard but she knew that she will come home grown up from this experience.


  Erasmus quote 


Nothing can prepare you for such experience. Even if you read a lot of blogs, books about Erasmus, the only way to understand it is to live it!

You will think that family and friends will be the biggest lack but after a few week you will forget to Skype them. You will be surrounding with a temporary family that you will love sometime even more! Living in a dormitory (Sauletekio 39 is the dormitory reserved for Erasmus) make your integration easier. You will meet there your new friends.

The only real preparation you can do is packing with caution especially if you are going to the cold Lithuania. Ski coat and Timberland are more than essential to survive here!

But don’t worry your mentor will be in contact with you before your arrival here. He will be your landmark and your first friend!



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A tale about my incredible journey in Lithuania 15

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