My adaptation in Poland

To go in Poland it is just 2 hours by plane. It is very close to France but very different. I would like to write an article about my adaptation in Poland because it is important to become aware of the difficulty of adapting to a foreign country.

Firstly, the communication between me and Polish people was very difficult. In fact the Polish language is very different from the French language. The official language spoken in Poland is Polish, which belongs to the group of Slavonic languages, all of which are Indo-European languages. The Czech and Slovak are very related to the Polish language and very close to the Russian or Ukrainian language. On the contrary, French is more related to the Spanish or Italian language. In fact, it is the Latin alphabet but the Polish is one of the language very difficult to learn. They have a special pronunciation and the vowels and consonants are very different. If we do not know the pronunciation, Polish people cannot understand us. For example: Łódź is pronounced “Woudj” / Dzień dobry – “djène do-bré” (Bonjour) / Do widzenia – “do vi-dzè-nia” (Au revoir).

As I said in my first article I cannot take Polish courses. But I met Polish people who taught me some words very useful. It is very funny because I met them in the tramway. They heard me to speak in French with a friend and they came to speak with us because they learn French in the University of Lodz since 2 years. So, we did a “deal”: I learn Polish and they learn French. They are very nice and became good friends.

Also, when I discovered movies or series in Poland I was very surprised. In my flat I don’t have television but I saw it in the hotel. In fact, Polish language is only spoken in Poland and this is why the movies or series are not dubbed. It is a reader, a man principally, who translates all sentences above the voices of the different actors, men and women. It was the first time I heard that. It was strange for me and not pleasant to see the television, but interesting to know that. On the contrary, when I saw a movie to the cinema, it was not the same. The movie was in original version with Polish subtitle.