My impressions

In general, Erasmus people preferred to stay with people who coming from the same part of their country. Today I can understand why they do that in Poland. In fact, when I arrived in Lodz I met a boy in the tramway and he told me that: “In general Polish people do not like foreign people and in particular black or Muslim people”. For me it is very bad because Poland was a country which has suffered during the war. I visited the Polish jail in Lodz (Radogoszcz prison) and the guide explained us how Polish people has suffered. I am not agree with the racism. My friends told me that during the party in the night, sometimes Polish people will insult Erasmus people and said bad thing about their skin colour, their religion or they want they leave from Poland because we do not have our place here.

Also, I have the impression that Polish people are uncaring and negative. It is a generality because I also met Polish people very nice. They try to help me when I needed. For example when I searched a shop a Polish couple came in front of the shop with me. In Poland you will have one part of Polish people very nice, pleasant and welcoming and another part very bad and racist. It is important to know that Polish people look at others with evil and in particular foreign people but they don’t do anything.

We have the impression they are all sad or negative maybe because of the weather they don’t like smile. In Poland the sun is not very present. In the north and south of France, people are very different. Even when I travelled in Lisbon in Portugal people was more smiling. In reality the sun is very important and has an important impact in the state of mind of human.

I realized another thing about Polish women. They are very unpleasant. In fact, when I need to buy something in a shop and have some information about the product, I have the impression they would prefer that I leave without the product than to speak with me. In general, that is the case for women who work in the secretarial office, seller or public administration.

If I compare the customer service in France and in Poland, it is very different. In France it is very important than in Poland. At the beginning it was difficult but today I have got the habit.

Finally, to finish with something more positive, I like to be in Poland and I am happy to discover their culture which is very different from ours. My favourite city in Poland was Krakow as I said in another article and my best souvenir was Zakopane. It was an amazing and unique trip in my life. I am happy to live in Lodz and had the opportunity to visit all principal cities in Poland.

Do not worry, if you try to understand their culture and try to speak their language, they will try to help you and be nice with you everywhere in Poland.