My courses of the second semester

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Par Anaele Lavoue dans le groupe MundiVox 23/03/2017

My courses of the second semester

English for the Global Business: because I get good results during the winter semester, they allowed me to follow a course in English from a master program between Zwickau and China. It was fun to be in a group of only Chinese people and I realized that we haven’t got the same difficulties with English. I had lack in writing and they had an important problem for speaking. I will have a writing exam in this course.

German A2: I got my ECTS and exam during the summer semester in German A1 (beginner), so I had the obligation to go in a harder course. To be honest, it's complicated and I work a lot to follow it.

World Trade: this is an economic course where we have only seminar and presentation from the students. Each week, two new topics are presented and we must write two short paperwork on it, to control that we listened to them. I think that it is a good methodology because, generally, the students never give any interest to the presentation.

Spanish: I chose a course of Spanish because it’s my second language and I wanted to progress in it. I thought that it would be stupid to lose everything that I learned, and the teacher is good.

History of economy: this is one of my prefer courses of this semester. The teacher is passionate by the topic and we watched some documentaries on the impact of the British Empire on the economy by BBC. During the DUT, history missed me so I’m happy to have had the possibility to study it again.

Marketing: during the summer semester, the students in their last year of bachelor have to choose a major. They have the choice between: intelligence economic, marketing, human resources, management, accounting and logistic. I chose marketing because it’s the major that I want to choose for my master. I also worked in it during the last summer, so I wanted to depend my knowledges in it.

Business English: this course is the same as the winter semester but it will be a writing exam. It’s still interesting and we studied all of the majors that we can take for our master.



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