Travel to Copenhagen

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Par Anaele Lavoue dans le groupe MundiVox 23/03/2017

Travel to Copenhagen

One of the main interests of Zwickau is that the city is well positioned in Germany. In fact, we are near big cities and we easily can take bus lines to travel everywhere. We wanted (all the French girls group) to realize a special travel together out of Germany, that’s why we chose: Copenhagen.

We chose this place because it would be difficult to do it from France and, by a bus from Berlin, we could go directly over here. But, the travel was really long (more than fifteen hours of bus), and that’s literally killed our energy

We arrived at Copenhagen a Saturday morning after an evening and a night in the bus. We were excited but the weather wasn’t nice. Our first objective was to find a Bank to have some of the national money. Then, we went out of the train station to found a place where we could have a breakfast.

Honestly, I don’t think that this city is the best to discover as a student because everything is really expensive… For a “butter croissant”, it was more than 2,10€ and more than 7€ for a big coffee with milk.

We directly realized that we must have to be careful with our money.

We spent the first day by walking in the city and saw some famous places such as: the black diamond library, the city hall, the church of “Saint-Sauveur”, and Christania

Christania is a strange place inside Copenhagen, it’s a sort of “town inside the town”. It’s a place where the police can’t go which was founded by a hippy community in 1971. They have their own flag and rules. For example, it’s forbidden to run, scream and take photos. It’s a calm place where people can come with their family and smoke weed. It was really weird for us to see normal families coming with babies near dealers and smokers.

We were really exhausted so we decided to sleep early after our long day. We reserved an Airbnb for the night and it was really nice.

We did many visits the second day. First, we started by Nyhavn, a famous Boat port where there are many restaurants. It reminded me Bretagne and the place where my family live. There is a lot of colours on the houses and beautiful old wood boats.

After this, we went to the Amalienborg Castle where we saw the changing of her Majesty’s guard. It was interesting and longer than the one in London.

Then, after a quick lunch, we went to the Churchill Park where there is the Saint Alban Church and the Little Mermaid, a bronze statue which represent this famous character on a rock.

We spent two days in Copenhagen and we were really exhausted, we did everything by walking and we were happy to sleep during all the travel when we came back. Copenhagen is an interesting city to visit but really expensive.



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