Sightseeing in Helsinki

Helsinki is not far from Estonia. As I wrote in a previous paper, many Finnish students come to study in Estonia mainly for economic reasons. They take boat to across Baltic Sea and reach Estonia. This proximity permits them to come back at home each weekend (the prices for a sea crossing being very cheap).

Thus, I decided to visit Helsinki for one single day. By boat, it is about two hours. Helsinki is the capital of Finland and bigger than Tallinn (600 000 inhabitants versus 400 000). It is a student town attracting many foreign students.

We visited Helsinki on September 23rd and I was surprised to notice that it was just 3 degrees…. Although Helsinki is very close to Tallinn, the city is colder and famous for its harsh winters.  

During this day, we visited the center of the city and its main places:

  • The Lutheran church which is probable the most famous monument of Helsinki. It was built between 1830 and 1850 and is an impressive and monumental church. Inside, the walls are very refined: any strain glass or paintings except a majestic organ. Probably the biggest that I had ever seen. Unfortunately, the front of the church was being renovated.
  • The harbor and its old beautiful gaffers.
  • The Suomenlinna isle: Helsinki is surrounded by several islands. Suomenlinna is probably one the most famous. Indeed, this city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its fortifications (from Middle Age). 1500 inhabitants still live there year round. This isle is authentic and wild. My friends and I spent several hours strolling down and discovering this nice place.


We tried to find something to eat. We were surprised to notice that the prices for snacks and café were more than twice as in Tallinn... A friend told me that certain Finnish student came in Tallinn just to buy certain products (food, alcohol, cigarettes) less expensive.

I would say that Tallinn is smaller and more enchanting even if Helsinki would also have been a nice city to live. It is not the most beautiful of Nordic country but a nice place to see.

 The following day, I was surprised to see on TV that a huge strike had been organized against racism. Fortunately we were not in Helsinki that day, we would have had many difficulties to move around the city!

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