Presentation of my Erasmus blog

Presentation of my Erasmus blog

Hello everyone !

Lets me introduce you myself : I am Marine Jolivet, a french student in Business. I live in Lille, in the north of France and I decided to go abroad for my third years of studies.

I chose the university of Paris Descartes as home university because it offered me that the opportunity to go abroad to study Global Business Management during 2 semesters (from September 2016 to June 2017) in the university of Howest (in Brugge, Belgium flanders). 

So, I decided to write this blog about my Erasmus year in Brugge, in Belgium.

You can find here, the link of my Erasmus blog :

This is about : 

  • the University of Howest : general university organization, my impressions about each of my courses of the first (S1) and the second (S2) semesters, my student life, …, 
  • the Belgium country : some facts about Belgium in general, the city of Brugge (places to go out), the food,…, 
  • my personal intégration : the preparation of my journey, my flat, a typic day, my personal review of this experience abroad, my futur projects,…

Enjoy this Erasmus Blog and do not hesitate to contact me if you want more details or if you have any questions !!!

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Email :


See you soon !

Marine Jolivet

Marine Jolivet

French student in Erasmus program in Brugge (Belgium)
A propos de moi

I am Marine Jolivet, a French student (live in Lille), registered in the University of Paris Decartes for an Erasmus program in Brugge, in Belgium flanders, during one full year.
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