Life in Germany: the food

Living in Germany: the food

Typical photo of food in Germany

In the case to compare two countries, I directly thought about the food. Especially because, as a French, my culture is characterized by it and because we have a lot of clichés about Germany on this cultural aspect.

Firstly, we do not eat on the same way. Here, people generally eat earlier: the cafeteria is closed at 13h for the lunch at the university and it’s better to go eat before 20h at restaurant. Also, Germans eat the lunch by several times. My Tandem (Anna Elizabeth), a German, generally eat at 11h and also 15h, she cut her lunch in two parts but she eats smaller portions

Secondly, we cannot find every French products in supermarkets. For example, it’s impossible to find liquid soup. They are always sell soups by little packets of powder

Thirdly, they have a plethora of organic markets such as: Biomarkt and DM. The first one is like a typical organic market like in France but it’s bigger and they also offered cosmetic. DM is something totally different and the concept is really nice. They mostly propose organic products but nothing fresh (fruits, vegetables, fresh milk, yogurt, meat…), a lot of vegan and vegetarian food (preparations, quinoa, tofu…), cosmetics, home products (toilets paper, tissues…). It’s like a supermarket but nothing is fresh and they developed their own brand. The quality is really good and, as a student, I was able to buy organic products without having an expensive life.

Fourthly, Germans consume a lot of meat and potatoes. I never saw so much declinations of potatoes dishes with so much difference. The quantities aren’t the same and, to be honest, I never could finish a typical German dish in a restaurant and the French food missed me…

Finally, I would say that, even if the typical German food isn’t fantastic, the life quality is better here. As a student, I was able to live correctly, sport, have some parties, travelling, eating vegan and organic with an inferior budget to 650 € per month (accommodation including). I actually enjoyed my life here and I don’t think that I could have this, for the same price, in Paris.



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